Q: I’m having issues applying my GoPro Armor onto my housing, can you help?
A: Sure, click here to watch a video on how to apply it!

Q: I just bought a GoPro Hero 4, do you offer your camo GoPro Armor in that model?
A: Yes, we do! The GoPro Hero 4 & the GoPro Hero 3+ use the same housing. Click Here to learn more! 

Q: I received my GoPro Armor, but it doesn’t fit. Now what?
A: Determine the GoPro model by clicking here, and then contact for an exchange. No worries!

Q: Do you offer any of your products in other camo patterns?
A: N
ot at this time, sorry! We are an authorized Mossy Oak dealer.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: We normally ship within 1 business day. It’s then up to the US Postal Service. You will receive a tracking number for your order.

Q: I’m not sure what GoPro model I have, where can I find out?
A: Try our fit guide:
 Click here!

Q: Do I need to cut the GoPro Armor to fit?
GoPro Armor is precut to fit your GoPro model and ready to adhere without any modification. (with the exception of the skeleton housing, reference next question)

Q: Will the GoPro Armor skin fit the skeleton housing?
Yes, but you will need to cut out the holes for the HDMI port and charging USB area.  This can be done with a razor knife. 

Q: My GoPro Armor seems to be short and not covering my housing, what can I do?
GoPro Armor is made to be 1/8 short on the ends on purpose. The material stretches so you are able to apply without wrinkles. It’s designed this way. 

Q: Will the GoPro Armor that I purchase look just like the one in the photos?
A: Nope! The skins are cut from a camo pattern, so each one is different!